Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Of leisure and 'loisir'.......

Sometimes we are visited by some memories. They just spring up from nowhere. This morning while I was checking out the drafts of certain posts for the blog, this particular one attracted my attention. I had started composing this a while ago but had left it unfinished for some reason. Now, on going through it, I could experience a sense of calm. I wanted to retrieve it and finish it :-)..... some days act strange! With our festival just round the corner, the sky wears a brilliant blue! The crisp morning air heralds the advent of autumn and thus the visit of the eternal Mother along with her family:-).....It is indeed a happy time; there is that air of frenzy in my hometown that I miss here but wait there! Isn't happiness a state of the mind? So what's stopping me to be happy? Let me start with this happy post. Old it is but it makes me happy when I read it :-D......
A leisurely hello to everyone out there! How has life been treating you? Mine has been good so far:-D.... The weekend has been a relaxed one after a long time and I give the credit to the rainy days! The heavy rains throughout the Saturday noon and post noon created that wonderful feeling of leisure, of doing nothing,  of a sluggish day. Well, such feelings of nothingness can be so welcome in our pre planned,  must-do weekends. And I simply soaked in these moments of unplanned lazy afternoons and evenings. For once I did not have to run errands, visit the green grocer and the departmental stores; for once I did not have to take stock of what is there and not there in the fridge and run to fill it up for the new week ahead. I liked this feeling of not caring an iota for what would happen the days to come. It gave me the much needed peace.

I love this pretty combination!
Nature's bounties!
That's the brilliant sky!

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