Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The way forward

The year 2014 officially ends today. It paves the way to move forward, hands over time to a brand new year,2015. And as I spend the last few hours with 2014,I cannot help introspecting. A wee bit philosophical, sentimental and emotional. It has been a good year, overall. Yes, I did have my share of misfortunes but life has been kind as I could come out of them. It has been a year of togetherness, of being able to pursue all that I liked, a year when we had been blessed with good health. And,so, a year to be grateful about. New year resolutions! Well, I have a list of those, the topmost being, a little more of gratitude and a little less of being judgmental. I shall try to live up to my own expectations. 

One of the most wonderful things to have happened to me in 2014 is this tiny little space that I so lovingly call 'Seasons in the Sun', :-).....some of my good friends have been instrumental in motivating and guiding me towards this little blog of mine. So, here comes a very BIG thank you from both of us to you. I hope and wish to document and share all that I love,with all my friends and readers in the days ahead. And with this thought, I wish all my wonderful readers, a very happy and a truly blessed new year. May all your dreams and aspirations come true. May we build for ourselves and for generations to come, a safe and a happy world. Signing off with this little prayer in my heart.....stay well, stay safe, stay blessed.

and the festivities still continue.....

What better way to welcome the new year

Say it with flowers!

And some colours for a colourful new year!

May our lives be happy and colourful!

May there be blessings galore!