Monday, March 20, 2017

Mango Mulch

 As pretty as the name sounds, Mango Mulch is a charming village home-stay in Talakkad. The town has its share of religious importance not just for the locals but also for the people of Karnataka, in general. It is home to the Pancha Lingeshwara or Shiva temples. Some of these old temples have been unearthed by the locals along with the ASI ( Archaeological Survey of India) and then restored. There are folklores associated as to how these temples were completely submerged under sand and why the village turned into a barren desert while the neighbouring areas had or still has no trace of that fine sand. The stories are really interesting. But that could be another post; this is about the charming place with about a fifty old mango trees.
We first heard about Mango Mulch from our friends who often visit this place. They gave us such good reviews of the place that we decided to spend a weekend in this farm. And we were not disappointed. The farm stood amidst these sprawling mango trees, some as old as a hundred years, canopied by the foliage. It was shady, cool and breezy even in the warm summer afternoon when we reached the place. The hammocks hanging from the sturdy branches of the mango trees were as inviting as the benches placed under the mango canopy.  A perfect place to get lost in your dreams while you took a short nap on the hammocks; or maybe enjoy a book while the breeze gently rocked you as you lay on them. For us, city dwellers, the cries of the peacocks, no matter how shrill they were, were like music. The twittering of the innumerable birds and the rustling of the leaves as the wind blew created an 'ensemble' that we loved! Our 'chambre' , one of the two rooms of a cottage,stood under the shade of the gigantic mango trees, had a simple yet lovely décor. Comfortable beds, a pretty bay window an interesting sewing-machine study table and built-in cupboards; what more is required! The thatched red oxide dining area, under the shady mango trees where we were served delicious meals was again a real treat. Well, while speaking of Mango Mulch I cannot forget the delicious meals we had there. Home cooked meals, simple yet delicious, aroused our taste buds to their maximum! We loved the spread of ragi rotis, the millet served in place of rice with the special sopu ( greens) sambar, to name a few.
Our idea of holidays and relaxation is this; delicious food, comfortable clean rooms, beautiful ambiance amidst nature, long walks through fields of paddy and sugar cane, gorgeous sunsets and the dusk setting in beautifully with families of peacocks and birds returning home. And that is how I summarize Mango Mulch.
While I describe the place, I must not forget to mention the very hospitable, much travelled hosts, Ashwini and Sudhakar, who live within the property in their gorgeous home. They regaled us with their storehouse of interesting travel stories, as enjoyable as our stay in their beautiful farm. 
I am sure many of you would love to spend a weekend in this beautifully green place and come back with pleasant experiences as we did. Leaving you with some photographs of Mango Mulch. Enjoy!

The first look of the place as we entered it...this is one of the two cottages in the farm.....

Nothing specific... I loved the water container. Insignificant it might be, but created a pretty picture amidst the greenery.

The second cottage that has two rooms with a common sit out; one of the rooms was occupied by yours truly!

a close-up of the first cottage...I loved the red oxide sit out!

Can you make out the size of the mango tree?

the dining area with its rustic look

So inviting! Perfect to get lost  in my dreams!

another view......

The hot and humid afternoon for us turned into a breezy one, thanks to the shady mango trees......

The dining area where we lingered on after a heavy delicious meal.

These gigantic mango trees impressed me with their size and bulk!

The spread was really good, well cooked, delicious and light on the stomach.
The special sweets our hosts made for us :-)
Doesn't this look delicious? Believe me, it tasted out of the world!
Catching the sun as it peeped in through the foliage.
As we took our evening walk to see the setting sun; it cast its golden hue on the waters of the Cauvery creating a magical pot of gold.

Loved the huge bay window, a perfect place to unwind with a book and a cup of strong filter coffee.....


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    1. Thank you so much Rama didi....Glad you liked it.

  2. Been there and I met my life after long long time...waiting to meet again !!!

    1. Thank you Sudheer S :-)...It has been such a wonderful experience there.

  3. Trying to reach them..however the given no is not getting connected...

    1. Hi Keerthi, Thank you for stopping by. The hosts are travelling but will be back in a week's time. So you can get across to them then.