Monday, October 16, 2017

A mini home tour

Not much of a gap between my last post on The Bison and this which is a mini home tour of a close friend. This is a segment I love to do as I find it very interesting to observe how people's personalities reflect in their homes. This home that you will be touring is both special and different from my other home tours. Special because it belongs to a close buddy and different as it's a home I've actually visited. Hence, it wouldn't be a virtual tour for me!
When I first set foot for the very first time, the little passage or entry whatever we prefer to name it made sure that I get a picture of a warm and cozy space created by the family living there. This is a rented space as they have moved cities. Earlier, I had seen photographs of their old home and marvelled at their sense of aesthetics. This time round, getting to see the new space and the home they are creating came as no surprise to me! They are a bunch of houseproud peopleπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.
The lady of the house is a busy executive who juggles between home and work and tours the world around was shy to speak about herself. Hence I shall be introducing this pretty home and shall tell you all something about them, too.
A few weeks ago during one of my trips, I connected with my school friend. In fact we have been in touch through the social media and phone calls but I met her for the very first time after our 10th board examination. Well, imagine our excitement! My friend, in spite of her busy schedule, not just took time out to meet me but also took me to her 'home'. And it was an instant love, a love at first sight with her abode and her furry member πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.. She shares her beautiful home with her husband, daughter and an extremely lovable four footed creature. I wouldn't prolong this introduction but would take you in to her lovingly created abode. And believe me, you would all fall in love with this oasis, a mixture of 'desi' , modern, contemporary and functional space that has taken shape in a 'foreign' land in just about 3 years. The homeowners' love for gardening is apparent in the beautiful green patch they have created.
And now come on in and experience the visual treat.
The saying goes that morning shows the day: here it is the entrance that creates the suspense..... 
The intricate metal tree of life  coupled with some knick knacks sets the mood for more grandeur...
The home owners certainly have an eye for art and boast of an impressive collection.
Another piece of art from their collection.....
A view of the picture perfect living room: the colourful cushions in rich colours, the fresh flowers, the plants, all blend beautifully and create a vibrant space.
A closer look.......

 My friend has a keen eye for unusual decor pieces.......
I simply loved this study! Books and cushions and a gorgeous view from the window!
A part of the formal dining area.........There is a tie between the painting and the huge ship with its masts!
Carved decorative wooden panels, paintings, this house has it all....
Fresh flowers livening up the space.....
My favourite photograph amongst all!
They have a splendid garden to boast of!
A view of the garden.....
Seasonal flowers literally lighted up her garden.
Look at all those blooms!
I loved the garden as much as I loved the home. Everything seemed to be so perfect.
If you have enjoyed this mini tour, do let me know. 

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