Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A new home, a new year.....

The new year has begun with a bang! At my end, I have been completely immersed in work; neck-deep into it, if I may say so. A long while ago, I had harboured the desire to have a home tour of a very dear blogger friend. She has been of great source of inspiration and support to me when I had started my blog. An unassuming and an extremely talented  person as she is, this friend has been featuring many homes, gardens and art work in her blog.And now is her chance to show off her home, a perfect picture of simplicity, beauty, warmth and coziness.I loved this tour of her  home,filled with warmth, happiness and cheer.Over to the lady now :-)... Disha Mishra Dubey, here you go!
Hello everyone! First thing first, I would like to thank Vandana for showing courage to feature an ordinary home in her blog, a home that no other blogger (including me) thought of featuring. She is the most modest person I have ever come across in this virtual world of blogging and she is the one who always encourages me with her generous comments. I am glad that we crossed path.
I am decor aficionado. Home, to me, is a place that I miss even if I go to exotic locations or any other place in the world. I love decorating my home as much as I love blogging. I like my home to be unique to me. In my opinion, your abode should not be a carbon copy of homes featured in magazines ;instead it should speak about you.

Four years back when my family moved into our new home I got a bigger canvas to fill my colours in it. My hands were itching to stamp it with my personality. So I started my never ending home decor journey from the foyer. My foyer is a small space that can't house a console table so in a quest to give it some personal touch instead of hanging just a mirror on the wall I decided to paint the wall in bright colour and painted a lotus motif to jazz up my entryway. 

 Ever since I started blogging my decorating style has changed a lot. My living room is a space that keeps changing according to the seasons and sometimes it depends on my mood too. I like to keep things organised and my living room decor reflects that. The gallery wall showcases family pictures and I love looking at them every now and then. It brings back lots of sweet memories. I love to decorate my home with handmade things especially if they are made by me :) I have lots of up cycled items adorning the corners of my home like a tiny owl planter and stained glass bottles in below picture.

I love warm and earthy tones and hence stuff that falls in the higher wavelength side of the spectrum finds a way in my home decor. My love affair with Buddha is never ending; the figurine itself has the power to emanate serenity. In the picture below, the tulip flowers are handmade; Buddha and vase are hand painted to suit my decor style.  

My favorite thing about decorating is that I keep changing every room’s decor according to my mood and season. I like to customize things around me. A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. So I add lots of character and drama with accessories

Adjacent to the gallery wall in my living room is the wall that has Batik paintings gifted to me by my brother-in-law. I love warm colors used in the paintings that perfectly blend with my living room's decor.

Opposite to this wall is my balcony garden and sometimes I pull a chair and love sipping my evening tea there enjoying the view of my sun kissed balcony garden. As our apartment is on the top floor I got the privilege of having open to sky terrace and that makes my home airy and filled with ample natural light. I enjoy the view when light streams through the curtains and reaches to every part of my living room.

Everyday nature offers me something new to look at and admire.

View from my balcony is always so enticing that I go berserk clicking images of setting sun and kaleidoscope of colors. 

I work from home so I needed a dedicated place for my work and hence, a part of my living room got converted into my home office. You can read about this complete makeover on my blog here

I surround myself with the things I love, my desk clearly reflects that.

Wall shelves can instantly change the look of the place, you just change the knick-knacks you keep on the shelf and it will completely transform the place

Here is one such example I replaced all the shells with blooming plants to set the mood for spring.

When my husband and I decided to buy a home we were determined that it should be on the top floor so that we get maximum light and sun. We are lucky enough to have found such home and my love for gardening grew even wilder when I moved to my new home. Here is my sunny balcony.

I love to paint and I don't restrict myself to one medium or surface. I like to paint everything around me. Most of the planters in my balcony garden are my hand-painted ones. 

My balcony garden becomes more lively and colourful during rains. 

As I said my love for Buddha is indescribable and hence Buddha sits pretty in my garden too.
Every evening's ritual of lighting diya and placing it near Buddha makes this place look even more mesmerizing

A peek into my kitchen explains that I have minimalist aesthetics. I keep this place functional so just a few decor accessories are enough to make it look better. 

As I said I love rotating decor accessories, so my tiny owl planter sometimes sits on the wall shelf of my work space and sometimes it flies into the kitchen. 

I love clean edges and sleek look of my kitchen. Though I have lots of other things that I want to include in my kitchen's decor but my freelancing work is keeping me too busy to do anything else. 

Here is a guest bedroom that recently got some serious makeover. I am quite happy with the results.

Here is an image of master bedroom that is in desperate need of makeover. 

Now before I wave goodbye to all of you, here is an image of the views from my balcony. 

Thanks once again Vandana for having me here and introducing me to your lovely readers!! 

Well, I loved featuring Disha's beautiful home and garden. And loved her simple decor ideas. Each one of them is so doable! So try on her ideas and do share your takes on her beautiful home.


  1. I love this V...Disha, Each nook and corner shows how much attention and care you have given your home:) loved each bit:) and the garden.. Oh its such a beautiful magical place.. I just heart how it is the plants and the way they are set around the serene Buddha sculpture and just a few of your lovingly hand painted planters that enhance the beauty of that space and not randomly placed tchotchkes as we usually see. Oh and those pics from your balcony, every time i see them, like in your blog earlier, they , always , always remind me of shots of a fort or someplace like that.. Its the shape and its definition against the sky i guess..:) there am
    Done with analysis:) but seriously , lovely tour!!! And V , absolutely love this :) please keep them coming:)

    1. What a perfect observation, Peeli! You said it all so beautifully!

  2. What a detailed analysis 'P'. No one other than you can play so beautifully with words. Thank you for your sweet, encouraging and kind words. I am overwhelmed!!
    Thanks to you too Vandana :)

  3. What a detailed analysis 'P'. No one other than you can play so beautifully with words. Thank you for your sweet, encouraging and kind words. I am overwhelmed!!
    Thanks to you too Vandana :)

  4. Disha, your ordinary home is filled with all extra ordinary personal touches. Your garden terrace is definitely a visual delight, your little tweaks all around the place makes it extra special. Thank you Vandana for bringing this :)

    1. Thanks Pinz! Glad that you stopped by and enjoyed Disha's home.

  5. What a lovely home tour . Magic happens when two of your fav people come together and put forward a post as beautiful as this. Disha, I love everything I see here esp the way you have played with colours in your guest bedroom, even the blue in the master bedroom looks lovely and cool. I love the corners of your kitchen and of course the balcony garden :) Cheers and good luck with all the decorating and DIY-ing :) Thanks for sharing it with us V :)

    1. Glad you liked it, Reshma! And good to see you here:-)

  6. All this while I was wondering when would I get to see Disha Ji's house. Finally got to see it and it is like a dream. Beautiful is a small word for this lovely home...

    1. Hi Neha, firstly, thanks for stopping by. And then, I am glad you got to see Disha's home.