Friday, October 30, 2015

A 'houseful' of ideas.....

 Our last home was full of colours; colours that oozed out of every nook and corner making the home literally smile! I wanted to give a short 'pose' before I took you to another home that is not just full of colours but also full of ideas. So I decided to call it a 'houseful' of ideas. Get ready to tour this warm and cozy home, savour in each corner, each room as we move through this home. Before I take you in to this home, let me introduce you to Bembem Kongkham who happens to be a friend whom I met in the virtual world. I met her and within a very short time I realized that we share something common and that is our love for all things colourful! I realized that her kind of decor is something I absolutely heart! Bem, as we all call her, is an extremely creative person. DIY is her forte! She is not just a plant lover but has a wide knowledge about different kinds of plants, too. Her photographic skill is like Cinderella's fairy Godmother's magical wand:-D.....swish and voila! The mundane turns to something gorgeous! 
And now here's Bembem to you........
               Am I timid with colors- NO WAYS.  I am a lover of all things creative and COLORFUL. Color is ‘My Zen’.
One can’t build a house into a home in a day. With my job that needs much staying away, it is a gradual process and the apartment is shaping up to a home.
There is no planned design process; there is no décor mantra or home decorating style that I follow but rather just pick and group things that come together to be, in my own fun way. One will definitely see lack of a theme in my home. But COLOR being the predominant factor- anything and everything is possible.
I love contemporary, colonial, modern, eclectic, Indian-ethnic too.                                                                                               I love the warm shades and the cool tints too.                                                                                                             I want a sunshine house and a beach house too.                                                                                                     I want it all, so how to a theme I confide and glue.
I want my space to be bright, colorful and infectiously cheerful.Neighbors and guests may be overwhelmed by my color choices, may blame me for assaulting their eyes but hello it's instant va-va-va-voom !
It’s a “colorful chaos” as I call itThe big mix is a bit of a risk but don’t bother much as nothing is permanent. went wild with my wall color palette because it’s me romancing it every day from twilight till dawn, accented by few pieces that have been scouted from here and there and  I tried creating a bit of my colorful world. The home is evolving- mostly art and accessory wise…with the season and the budget of course! I am constantly moving things around, changing cushions,curtains, upholstery, adding new arty-kitschy-funky findsI keep playing,having fun and the Home never feels finished.
Among this one, there are too many wants :) ; also want to live in tree houses and cottages in the wild, having a swing to sleep on, with flowers and vines cascading down. Alas! I live in city in a tiny apartment and can’t keep day dreaming, so I try and get  nature and its colors indoor by adding plants in plenty.  
So have fun touring the spectrum of MY HAPPY HOME.

Welcome to the warm and cozy home of the Inamdars.........
Come on in to this cozy home along with me!

The foyer as it leads us in ; isn't it awesome?

Another view of the colourful foyer as it peeks into the living area......

What a cozy living area!

I love this warm living space!

Such prettiness! I love that framed wall!

A view of the dining area;the quirky pendant lights, the sun-bathed room and the painting of Buddha, all make this space so inviting!

Bem's home is full of such quirky,kitschy decor elements..........

Pretty accessories dot every corner of this home!

modern and eclectic decor

I love this framed wall panel!:-)

Another view.......

A close-up of the colourful pendant lights; and oh! what a pretty tree of life there!

Creativity galore..............

It's too pretty a space!

Yet another fantastic-funtastic idea!

The master bed full of colours!

Love it !

Interesting knick-knacks making this home an absolute pleasure to tour!

A close up of this corner........

another corner...........

The guest bedroom.........I wouldn't mind being Bem's guest!

Gorgeous! I love the look Bem has given to this four poster bed!

Bem's green corner!

What an interesting display!
quirky knick-knacks

Hope you all enjoyed touring Bem's home; her 'colourful chaos'. I loved taking this virtual tour. There is so much colour making it an absolutely vibrant space. Signing off now as I leave you to savour this delightful home. But i shall be back soon with yet another happy home :-D... Until then, take care and enjoy the festivities.


  1. Omg omg omg omg omg Bemsie.. V... I have died and reached color heaven :) no wonder u , V and Me clicked:) ha:) stunnjng home perfect fir u B!! And V:) a big yay for ur colorful page:))))

    1. Peeli, we are all on a colour roll! Happy to tour this home and glad that you liked it so much!

    2. Peeli, we are all on a colour roll! Happy to tour this home and glad that you liked it so much!

  2. C for colours c for captured well:)

    1. Thanks Girija! Couldn't agree more with you:-)......

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    1. Thanks Reshma! I am so glad that you liked this pretty home:-).....and thank you so much for stopping by.

  4. I have been visiting this space every now and then as I can't get enough of Bem's home. So beautiful so vibrant so lively and so cheerful. She has beautiful collection of artworks and knick-knacks. Loved this tour Vandana!!