Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! How have you all been? It's been quite some time that I have been away from my little space. I have been so preoccupied with a host of things; meaningful, meaningless, of all sorts. I wanted to post a few lovely things I came across, of my travel to a bio-diverse jungle, of my first experiences of being a bird-watcher and of sharing some non-descript things that I find pleasure in. And yes, there was something I wanted to do since a long, long time! I wanted to identify the flowering trees of Bangalore :-)... and here I am now, armed with a book gifted by a gentleman we met during our recent trip to the BRT Tiger Reserve. I am thrilled to bits with my new found knowledge of trees! I plan to share some pretty pictures of beautiful Bangalore,here. The city seems to be clad beautifully in chiffon-like pink Tabebuias, the huge Rain trees spreading their arms wide in all directions with their pretty pink and white bristled flowers, the golden showers, all making a pretty picture of the city.
On the home front, nothing much could be done all these days. Each place seems to be crying for attention! I need to spend some quality time here and set things in order. Sharing a few clicks of the vignettes on the coffee table to perk up the mood, a few succulents adding a touch of greenery indoors and some colours pepping up the living area and a few from our travels to the jungles. Planning much more in the coming days. So see you soon with something pretty :-)..... 

home bound 

We love the peace within our home.

Spotlight on  here!

The tree of life :-)

My latest possession!

As I fondly remember our trip............

beauties of nature...........

The painter's strokes on nature's canvas!

in the wild..............

Nature at its best!

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