Monday, March 2, 2015

In harmony.....

'Take life with a pinch of salt....a slice of lemon and a shot of tequila', so says the good living guide! And I am in total agreement with this fun phrase! A plaque with these words dangles from a hook in the corner of the dining area. Each time my eyes set on this, I cannot help reflecting how true these words are. After completing 21 years of togetherness,life has taught us many a lesson. It feels glorious to be together in the journey of life. My partner cum co-passenger has been good to me. He has made several adjustments to make me sit comfortably! And I presume that, I, too, have! A milestone achieved and hopefully by the divine grace, many more to come, all I would wish for is a safe journey, being with each other all along this beautiful course. Let us keep growing together, ageing together and experiencing the emotions of life together. Be it 'together' always :-) being together is a means of being happy in my case.

This was a post meant to be posted on my blog on the 27th of February but for some reason I did not do so. Maybe because I wanted to cling on to that special date even after it had passed and keep the spirit of our anniversary alive and running even after the 'D' date! Maybe because I wanted to experience how it felt after that day was over and made place for the next day. And I must say that it feels good to relive that special day even after it had actually gone by. So here comes this very short post, rather a reflection of the self, two days after. Counting my blessings these days, I have been trying to lap up every little happiness that I can find around me. Happiness is certainly infectious! A happy me makes for a happy home and hence happiness all around. 

Folks, I would love to hear about your happiness quotient, your reflections on happiness and what makes for a happy surrounding. So, do share your thoughts with me here. Leaving you to mull over this and make yourself as happy, satisfied and contented you can.
Flowers on the special day is a must and I gifted myself some of my favourite ones!

And chai, too, a special Darjeeling variety for the special day!

Well, for this very pretty 'you and me', I need to thank The Chalk Boutique! They let me click this one :-)...after all, 'you and me' are the the two special characters :-)

And here it is! The punch line of life!


  1. Lovely post ! May both of you experience a zillion more years of that unsaid harmony, the togetherness that binds you to each other.
    P.S. Happiness for me is about following my heart :-)

    1. Thank you so much Karishma! For stopping by and for your lovely comment! Made my day! And I can understand what you mean by happiness:-)....

    2. Such a sweet post Vandana....wishing you both many many more years together of such blissful life...happiness always.

    3. Thank you so much, Nayana! You have always been so supportive!