Monday, January 12, 2015

What prettiness!

Happy I am :-).... And that, too, on a Monday! The whole week lies ahead of me and today has been a good start to it. Home and hearth are two of my favourite words from a list of favourites. Anything to do about home,of decor ideas and tips, of colours, motivate me; make me feel so happy. A month ago I had visited an exhibition by the Hundred Hands. Amongst many lovely decorative items, I came across this unassuming stall belonging to a man from Saharanpur. I got talking to him as his stall was almost empty at that time. Seeing me examine the intricately carved wooden combs, he started talking about them. He pulled out a piece from among the heap and showed me how the two sides of the comb had two different patterns on the same panel! This was rather interesting! I would have loved to show you what he meant,but, unfortunately, I have framed it and hence, the other side cannot be viewed.Probably I should have bought two of this type! He rattled off stories about the queens of those days; with their long hair flowing down their back! Such stories always intrigue me. Rapunzel and her lovely lock! Stories from our history, the queens, their thick black mass of curly hair and what not! He must have known that! Well, I am joking! :-D..In between, a customer came in to his stall, a foreigner, who seemed to be a regular with his wares. The man was reluctant to let go of me so he asked me to wait for a while as he dealt with this lady. I kept toying around with the stunningly pretty combs. My intention initially was to buy a wooden comb for my son. He has been after me to buy him one or at least give him the one that I have been using for a couple of years now. He has quite a 'hair' story that literally drives us up the wall! And I mean it! So, this was my intention to buy my son a wooden comb. The man,once again, turned his attention towards me.He took a lot of interest in pulling out piece after piece from the chestnut coloured pile. Pretty, each of them was, for sure! First I chose one and then good sense prevailed over me. I decided to pick up two for the boy and the other for myself.I can tell you that the husband would have been aghast at my decision!Most often,he is! (Thank God! He wasn't there with me.) Selecting the two pieces was quite a task. Each one vied for attention but finally I decided on the two.
The two beauties came home with me that day. They remained lying for some time. I found it too difficult to part with either of them. So the son could not get his. I refused to use these as hair brush. They were, too, too, lovely to be used for the mortals' hair! And then I remembered my blogger friend Padmamanasa's post.... A borrowed idea, no doubt, but the out come has been superb! Choosing the frame, the background,etc,etc, was fun and exciting. The frame shop has done a very good job with my two pretties! Would you want to see them ? I am sure you'll like them in their new avatar :-)...
The curtain is raised now and here you go! Do share your thoughts on them here on the blog. I would love to hear from you :-).....

The 'comb' story.....

I find it pretty!

A pair of them here... :-)

in all it's glory........

Such intricately done!


Gorgeous,aren't they?


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous Vandana, very pretty!! I loved Manasa's too:) poor Abhro :) but i think he will be happy too after seeing how gorgeous they look framed.

    1. Thank you,Nayana! Abhro saw it today! He seemed to be happy with the outcome :-)

  2. It has come out very well. Seeing you and Manasa do it, I feel I too should buy one and frame it-:)

  3. Loved going through da story....nice collection....