Monday, October 20, 2014

The blue expanse

I had composed this post a few days ago, on a day that had dawned bright and sunny. But today when I plan to post this, the day looks just the opposite. It is dull, grey and gloomy. The fleeting rays of the sun seem to be playing hide and seek from behind the grey. And with the festivities just round the corner, this is the most imperfect weather. The chill has settled in with that dampness all around. On such a day, I cannot help feel the importance of the sunny side of the weather. With the hope of those sparkling days ahead, I ,leave you to virtually enjoy some sunshine,some brightness and cheer and some gorgeous blue:-D....

 This morning dawned as usual but came along with a bright and beautiful look. The sky seemed to be an expanse of clear blue,a blue that shone and glistened and sparkled accompanied by white. This was the azure I had learnt about as a child in school. All those of us who live in Bangalore would know it well how our sky is most often clad in a greyish drape with a lack lustre brightness. We love to call it our very own English weather. But this morning's sunshine seemed to wash clean any signs of gloomy grey and brightened up every corner of the city. The blue and white made a perfect combination and drove away the grey monster far and completely out of sight! I loved the day as it loomed ahead of me,promising me of all things positive and happy. A bright and sunny day can bring in so much of cheer. I ventured out on a new path this morning and the day seemed to greet me whole heartedly. It seemed to be signalling that 'go ahead'. The morning with its clear blue sky heralded our much awaited four day long celebrations....Durga Puja,Dussehra,Navaratri,call it whatever you would want to. The festive spirit seemed to encompass the lovely blue of the sky. Light white clouds flitted across the blue expanse,making the blue more prominent among the whiteness of the clouds. This was the weather we are so familiar with during this festive  time. I could not help trying to capture this beautiful blue from various angles and places. Have a look at the massive expanse that I tried capturing with my cellphone.

a piece of  blue and green with a dash of pink;Isn't this beautiful?
Just learnt to put in my name:-)....look at those gorgeous clouds! What a lovely play of colours! The city skyline behind makes a pretty picture.....

And this is my favourite ! Simply cannot have enough of the azure sky!


a random click from a friend's balcony; the blue expanse in a grey drape!

      Framed;from inside the metro compartment 

                                  And hold your breath while you see this!

                                 Grey and blue does make a combination,isn't it?

                                 Another of my favourite shots!