Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A day trip to Galibore Fishing Camp

 100 km from Bangalore seemed perfect for a quick day trip during those Dussehra holidays. With absolutely no planning and preparation in advance, we set off for this adventure and nature camp very close to the city. The idea was to spend some time amidst nature and soak in its unadulterated beauty. Mountains, jungles and among these the River Cauvery flowing in its fullness. The river was at its maximum volume, the greenish water whirling and swirling in tiny whirlpools and rapids. The thick jungles fringed both sides of the river. Rocks of all shapes and sizes showed themselves up from the middle of the deluge of water. And in the middle of all this, sailed our round little coracle, the round plate like boat. The river flowed and with it took us along, our expert boatman maneuvering his way through the feisty waters. Little sun birds in their bright blue jackets,flying low over the  water made a pretty sight. Wish we could capture all this prettiness but they were too quick for our shutters. As our coracle sluggishly made its way through the waters,we drank in, all that passed along, the thick forests along the banks, the mountains dotted with green of all shades, the solitary trees with their roots totally exposed along the sandy banks. It was picture perfect, much like the scenery I would draw as a child. The meandering river surrounded by the mountains and the sun shining on the water making it gleam and sparkle was indeed a sight worth enjoying. And while we were lapping up this beautiful sight, came the crocodile! No, not the ones we are used to seeing within the confines of the cages in a zoo, but along the river bank.It showed itself up and plunged into the water! Scary, it was! The lone snake bird sitting on a rock in the middle of the river made an interesting sight.
The resort was nestled in the middle of the forests. The tents overlooking the deep waters of the river, were all in pale green, blending with the flora and fauna.The hammocks scattered all across the property looked inviting. How beautiful and peaceful the nights would be! The water seemed to sing a lullaby and plonking myself in one of those hammocks, I drifted into slumber, although a short one. With not much to do, this was a perfect time to laze around and enjoy virgin nature. The meal was of local flavour, fresh and spiced up just right. Lunch by the riverside was like one of those advertisements I had seen on television. Every thing seemed so beautiful.My day turned out to be one of the most enjoyable ones. There is nothing more desirable than a trip to the mountains and jungles and having been able to plan one such, in a short span of time, was indeed an achievement. The photographs have come out beautiful and will add to our memories. I hope,as readers,each one of enjoy the visuals and your imagination is  able to take you to this idyllic place.
along the banks of the Cauvery
amidst the wilderness
butterflies galore

the river meandering along
and look at those huge boulders lifting their heads up.....
the rippled effect
and quiet flows the river
The Coracle ride.....
the sun and the shade and it's too picturesque
Pretty,isn't it?
the entry
those round coracles
happiness unlimited
by the banks of Cauvery
such a perfect setting




  1. Hello ... beautiful pictures. Marking the place for a visit - if and when in Bangalore. Great travel copy, excellent content.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes,this is a great adventure spot,lesser known,hence quite peaceful,too.

  2. Vandana, this looks such a relaxing place...untouched by people :) very quite and opposite to the usual crowded tourist space. It's very scenic

    1. It most certainly is,Nayana! And the camp is quite small,with just about 15 tents and deep into the jungle.

  3. This place seems to be great ....away from the madding crowd and listening to sounds of nature .

    1. Thank you,Radhika for stopping by ! It is,indeed, a lovely place !